Inspection of Case File

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I am sure I inherited a share in an estate but I was never passed any money.

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We can assist you in applying for a Request to Inspect case files and court documents.

What is a Request to Inspect Case Files?

The Supreme Court is an office of records. Hence, under Order 60 of the Rules of Court, court users can apply to inspect case files and court documents.

A Request will contain

A. A brief description of the relationship of the requestor to the relevant case file
B. And the reasons for requiring inspection

This is usually prepared by a lawyer as the preparation of the required documents may require an understanding of the law and legal concepts, as well as compliance with certain legal procedural requirements.

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Costs & Procedures


Email us at and our lawyer will contact you to set up the first consultation.


Our lawyer will meet with you for the first legal consultation [$100].


Upon completing the paperwork for your matter, our lawyer will file the Request to Inspect Case File for you [$400].


Our lawyer will assist you in answering clarifications from the Judge (if requested for) before the Judge decides whether to approve the Request.


Upon approval of the request, our lawyer will assist you with access to the case file and/or court documents in the case file.