Grant of Probate and Grant of Letters of Administration

Our lawyer, Desmond Ong, has conducted over 500 probate matters since May 2016.

In the fastest scenario where you know all the assets in the estate, our lawyer has managed to complete Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration matters in 9 days from the initial consultation with the client. This is done through our lawyer's quick response time in filing court documents and arranging for signing sessions.

Our lawyer completes most of his Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration matters (in the scenario where the client knows all the assets under the estate) in about a month from the initial consultation with the client.

We welcome you to have a FREE CONSULTATION with us to understand how we can complete your Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration matter within one month. You will only make payment when you decide to proceed with the matter and we file your court documents for you.

Please send us an email at with the header “Your Full Name - Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration (as applicable)” to set up a consultation.

Grant of Probate

Someone in your family has passed away. You have been named the executor of the Will.

We can help you extract the Grant of Probate for S$1,150 all in.

Grant of Letters of Administration

Someone in your family has passed away without leaving a Will
We can help you extract the Letters of Administration for S$1,200 all in.

Conditions for fixed price Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration packages

The fixed price packages assume that the following conditions are met:-

  1. The deceased is domiciled in Singapore (i.e. a Singapore citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident).
  2. The value of the estate is less than S$3 million.
  3. The matter is non-contentious.
  4. There are no caveats lodged against the estate of the deceased.
  5. The Will (if any) is valid and defect free. If defects exist in the Will (i.e. the Probate Registry asks for an Affidavit of Due Execution to be filed), the cost incurred to rectify the defects will be charged separately.
  6. If the deceased passed away before 2015, an additional $100 will be charged because additional caveat searches need to be done.
  7. If more than 1 letter of renunciation is required, the additional letters of renunciation will be charged at S$100 each.
  8. If more than 1 administrator / executor is required, the cost for the additional administrators / executors will be charged at S$200 each.
  9. If there are minority interests in the estate, an additional S$850 will be charged because an additional application to safeguard the interests of the minority interests beneficiary needs to be done.
  10. If there are persons lacking mental capacity as one of the beneficiaries, an additional S$1,000 will be charged because an additional application for dispensation of sureties to safeguard the interests of the beneficiary lacking mental capacity needs to be done. If the Probate Registry requires that an Appointment of Deputy application be taken out for the beneficiary lacking mental capacity, the application for Appointment of Deputy is charged separately as it is a separate application.
  11. We will write to the four main local banks (i.e. OCBC, POSB, DBS, UOB) and up to 10 financial institutions (e.g. banks, insurance companies, SGX) for you without extra charge. If you want us to write to more than 10 financial institutions, an additional S$50 will be charged for each institution beyond the first 10 financial institutions that you instruct us to write to. Additional fees for writing to overseas institutions will be charged on a case by case basis.
  12. Fees requested by the institutions to release information required to complete the Schedule of Assets will be borne by you.
  13. Any translation fee that is required for documents that are not all in English will be borne by you.
  14. Please kindly note that the fees quoted above are for non-Muslim estates.
  15. Please kindly note that the fees quoted above are for estates where the deceased passed away on and after 15 February 2008.
  16. If there is a safe deposit box in the asset list, the work done regarding the safe deposit box will be charged separately. This is because the safe deposit box company might require the solicitor to be present when the safe deposit box is opened and more time and travelling cost will therefore be incurred.

Resealing of Foreign Grant of Probate

We can help you reseal a foreign grant of probate for a fixed legal professional fee of $2,500 exclusive of disbursements and court filing fees.

No hidden charges

Subject to the qualifications set out above, there are no hidden charges.

We do not charge GST.

All disbursements and court filing fees will be included as part of the fixed price packages.