Commercial Litigation

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I’m a small business owner who wants to recover monies owed to me.

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The Letter of Demand is the first step in getting your money back.

What is a Letter of Demand

A letter of demand (“LOD”) states your legal claims for the recipient to comply with, due to the recipient’s alleged breach of contract or legal wrong.
A LOD states clearly

  1. the basis of your legal claim,
  2. what you are demanding from the adverse party,
  3. and the deadline by which its recipient(s) has to comply with your demands.

It is usually drafted and sent by a lawyer on behalf of their clients. A lawyer is trained to help filter out important facts, events, and documents that needs to be included in a LOD.



Flat fee of S$100.00 for one Letter of Demand (sent by post and email)

*Additional S$5 for registered mail




Email us at and provide

A. a brief description of the dispute and
B. the amount claimed


Our lawyer will reply and request for more details.


Upon receipt of payment, we will draft the LOD for your review and send it out upon receiving your approval.