Simple Will

DMO Law Corporation charges a $300 fee for simple wills. The $300 fee is all inclusive (i.e. inclusive of disbursements). There is no GST chargeable.

Do kindly note that DMO Law Corporation, as a matter of good practice, does not draft wills on the spot. Further guidance on how to have your will executed by DMO Law Corporation can be provided when you send DMO Law Corporation an email.

Please send us an email at desmond@dmolaw.com.sg with the header “Your Full Name - Non-Contested Divorce” so we can provide you with the DMO Law Corporation Information Sheet for wills..

The scope of work provided for a simple will is as follows:-

  1. Drafting of will;
  2. Up to two (2) executors;
  3. Up to ten (10) beneficiaries;
  4. One (1) simple trust for beneficiaries under the age of twenty-one years;
  5. Provision of two independent witnesses;
  6. Up to four (4) original wet signature copies of will – DMO Law Corporation will keep one original copy.

Registration of your Will with Wills Registry

An additional $100 is chargeable for the cost of registration with the Will with the Wills Registry, being the cost of $50 as charged by the Wills Registry and $50 for the administrative work done by DMO Law Corporation for the registration. (See here: https://www.mlaw.gov.sg/content/pto/en/wills-registry/information-for-testators.html). Alternatively, you can register the will yourself with the Wills Registry for the $50 charged by the Wills Registry.

Estate Planning Advice

If estate planning advice is required, the estate planning advice fee will be charged separately at $200 per hour. Estate planning advice helps guide you on how best you can leave a legacy for your loved ones and to ensure that your estate is distributed in accordance to your wishes.