Debt Enforcement

Sometimes the counter party refuses to pay up even though you have obtained a judgment against them.

You should not have to erode the value of your claim significantly in order to recover the money owed to you.

We seek to help you recover your money efficiently with our fixed price enforcement actions.


The cost of a 45 to 60 minute consultation is S$100.

Please send us an email at to set up a consultation.

If you subsequently decide to appoint us for the debt enforcement action, we will set out the cost of the consultation against the cost of the debt enforcement action.

Garnishee Proceedings

We can apply to Court for an order authorising the bank or a third party to pay monies to you, instead of the debtor, in satisfaction of your claim.

This option costs S$2,000 all in.

Writ of Seizure and Sale (Movable Property)

We can apply to Court for an order to seize and sell movable assets that the debtor owns.

This option costs S$2,000 (excluding the deposit ranging from S$500 to S$800 to be paid to the Sheriff).

Writ of Seizure and Sale (Immovable Property)

We can apply to Court for an order to seize the debtor’s interest in land or immovable property located in Singapore.

This option costs S$5,500 (excluding the partially refundable deposit of about S$5,000 to be paid to the Sheriff).

Examination of Judgment Debtor

If you do not know what assets the debtor has, we can apply to the Court to obtain the required information from the debtor or any relevant person who has the required information.

This option costs S$3,000 (excluding costs of substituted service, if required).

Substituted service costs S$1,000.

Winding up of company

You can serve a statutory demand on a company and present a winding up application against the company and liquidate the company in due course, if the debtor refuses to pay up.

This option costs S$8,500 (excluding the cost of the advertisement and the cost of appointing a liquidator).